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Post Car Accident Symptoms

Post Car Accident Symptoms

Your car might not be the only one with hidden damage!
Even at speeds as low as 5-10 mph, fully restrained, driver and passengers often sustain injuries such as:
Back injuries, Neck Injuries (Whiplash), Sprains and Strains and Soft tissue injuries.
It is the severity of these injuries which grows proportionally to the collision speed

To learn more about the injuries commonly sustained in a car or motorcycle accident, and why you to should see our injury doctors a.s.a.p, click below.

Injuries & Therapy

Slip and Fall ?

Spilled, tripped or any other type of ipped ? It can happen indoors as well as outdoors. Whether its on wet floor, on ice or a cliche banana peal case, a slip and fall injury is in no case a joke and should be taken seriously.

A slip and fall injury can affect almost any part of the body with varying severity. Anything from bones and joints to muscles and ligaments can be negatively impacted. The not very well know part of it is that in most cases you don’t feel it immediately and yet it can affect your quality of life later on.

Chiropractic care can often be the best treatment for a slip and fall injury and should be sought immediately after experiencing a slip and fall injury. So call us to day and schedule your free consultation.

Injuries & Therapy
Slip and Fall ?
Injured at Work ?

Injured at Work ?

At Philly Injury Doctors we treat worker suffering from various conditions and injuries and will be more then happy to give you a free post injury medical and chiropractic evaluation. Further more you do not have to worry about receiving any medical bills later on. So how is that possible and who pays you might ask?

This is possible due to Workers’ compensation insurance. This is a form of insurance providing wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured during employment hours. So making long story short – your employer is in most cases obligated to have you insured and pays a monthly fee. so not your employer nor you will pay those bills but the insurance company as it should in such cases. To find out more call us or contact us via the online form.

Injuries & Therapy

Why Choose US ?

Our Wellness and Personal Injury Care Center has a veteran team of medical and holistic professionals work together to help our patients suffering from various health conditions, whether they suffer from chronic pain, migraines, nutrition, or were injured during sport activities or in auto accidents. Our vast expertise and equipment allow us to provide the perfect care to our patients.

  • No out of pocket expenses. We work directly with your insurance company.
  • Private specialized injury care clinic with friendly, compassionate staff and professional atmosphere.
  • Integrated medical team: Physician (38 yrs. exp), Chiropractor (25 yrs. exp) and Massage Therapist (20 yrs. exp)
  • Our Physician – Dr Meri Kryss was bestowed the:
    America’s Top Physicians (2007 & 2010) by Consumers’ Research Council of America
    Patients’ Choice Award (2014) by vitals.com for the difference she has made in the lives of her patients, as voted by patients themselves.
  • Individual rehabilitation plans developed for each patient to improve physical functionality and mobility.
  • We are well experienced in working with Personal Injury (PIP) Attorneys and our patients records and billing documentation are meticulous .

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